Sunday, May 26, 2013

Temptation for a Larger House

Oh the temptation I have for this house that me and hubby have been discussing since yesterday!
It is a 1700 sq. foot home on an acre of land. 3 bedrooms, plus DEN, full bathroom with laundry hookups and large living room and kitchen. Much more room than our 740 sq foot 2 bedroom trailer!

We pay $475 right now for rent, this house is going for $550 a month, so $75 more than what we pay now, that makes it almost worth it to me for so much room. However there is much to think about........

We had plans for using our refund next year to purchase a $5000 to $10,000 home, possible in small towns all about an hour away from us and get rid of rent completely. In this price range we are looking at very small cabin types or trailers on their own little piece of land.

For this rental the CONS would be

  • $75 more a month in rent
  • Farther away from work
  • Being so rural and isolated, most likely NO HIGH SPEED INTERNET
  • More to heat such a large space
  • More in Electricity
  • Would take every penny we have to pay security deposit and June Rent
  • Moving sale would have to raise enough to pay June rent in current home
  • The cost of moving itself and switching utilities
  • Don't know yet if they allow 2 small dogs and a few chickens or even a garden space
  • Possible no children in the area for our kids to play with
  • From photo, still in middle of commercial farm fields to get chemically sprayed all the time as we do now.
  • More to clean ( my health is giving me issues in this area right  now)
  • Would have to buy a mattress for son as he would have his own bedroom again.
  • Not walking or biking distance to hubby's work even if he relocates to a closer town if something goes wrong with our truck.

The PROS would be:

  • Larger space makes homeschooling easier to create a fun learning environment
  • Looks like maybe fireplace in house, could potentially reduce heating fuel needs however fireplaces are not the most heat efficient.
  • Son would have a bedroom
  • Closer to the hospital for chemo and other treatments
  • Shade trees in front yard with nice deck ( we have NO shade at present moment)
  • Room for our STUFF which is slightly overcrowded where we are due to people vs. space
  • Den may make it possible for guest room or rent out to a boarder
  • A lot of house and yard for the rental price
  • IF it has a basement, even a Michigan basement, would be safer in severe tornado weather than in the trailer we are in now.........see last posts photo of all the wind damage and being slightly shoved off of our foundation blocks!)
  • Not located directly behind an airport as we are now!

As you can see there is a lot to think about, but I think it at least may be worth the time to make the phone call to go see it???????

Would you be tempted?