Friday, October 4, 2013

Minecraft Cake

The other day Corin watched a You Tube video on making a Minecraft cake. For those who may not know, Minecraft is this video game as well as an online computer game that is very popular where you build and create. Much like virtual Lego blocks in my opinion!

Well she asked if I would print off recipes for chocolate cake, vanilla cookies and frosting, no problem get right on that! The photo may not be a pretty picture ( her one big mistake was not letting the cake cool  off  enough so her frosting melted everywhere!) but I am really proud of her as she  made all 3 recipes with absolutely no help from me!.

This is her first kitchen accomplishment without requiring a  little aide from an adult to clarify an ingredient, or measurement for her ( the ones that are not marked on our measuring cup.) Not only did she make it all on her own, it was pretty darn tasty! Not bad for 12 years old!

Now, if I can just get her to sit down long enough to watch the cake decorating DVD I got her............. LOL.

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