Monday, October 7, 2013

Octobers Food Costs = $300

We went shopping on the 5th to do our once a month large shopping day, purchasing everything we needed for Octobers menu. I did forget hot sauce and cranberries as we were tired and just plain tired of fighting the large shopping crowd that day. Seems like everyone in town was shopping! I was very pleased with the final result of our menu cost though......

$300 for a family of 4 for a whole month of food!

Now we will of course have to get milk and bread as we run out throughout the month and some fresh fruit but that is pretty much it. We have $150 left for food so I figure the $50 for these items and the remaining $100 I can use for either reduced meat sales or to build up my prepping pantry. Not that I am preparing for the end of the world or anything but I would love to have a stocked pantry that could last several months to a year.

As for spending the $300 for the month, that actually is a figure I am tickled pink with for a family. That is actually on the high side too because it was not JUST for what was on the menu which only covered dinners. I have 8 lbs. of rolled oats at home so I did not have to worry about that but I did have to buy other things.

While I won't list every single thing I bought for the $300 (the receipt is a mile long!) I will give you and idea of some of the items we purchased for that money.

Honey ( always pricey)
25 pounds of sugar ( tis the baking season)
6 pounds apples
lots and lots of fresh produce such as cabbage, carrots, bananas, brussel sprouts, green peppers...
40 pounds of potatoes ( hey they were on sale for $3 a 10 pound bag!)
Heavy cream ( again always expensive)
6 packages of bacon
24 cans of tuna
Apple Cider ( my only splurge and so worth it!)
Blue cheese
mozzarella cheese
cheddar cheese

Okay, Okay you get the point and that does not even cover a 1/4 of the list but those were some of the major ones that stick out for me.

No cold cereal  was purchased or anything so we did pretty good! The one thing I do plan on going back for Tuesday ( other than the 2 items I forgot!) would be some large pumpkins while they are on sale so I can cook it up and freeze the puree.

Okay, so I am off to go make some pumpkin bread and granola cereal this morning! Have a fantastic week you all!

What are you making from scratch this week?