Friday, December 6, 2013

Coming to the End of 2013

The Boy Child still does not like photos, it is a I am 15 thingy! Although I am terribly behind in keeping up my blogs, I will do my best.
Our daughter is still the funny, goofy girl with a wonderful sense of humor we adore, loves putting on wigs (see photo)
Around Halloween she watched special effects makeup tricks on YouTube and came up with that photo above that makes her look like she burned it or went skidding across pavement. ( really it is only make up! she did a fantastic job!)
She has worked on her Magna Drawings ( a couple of them shown in photos above)
She has been baking pumpkin bars, brownies and ramen noodle dishes
Spends large blogs of time on Feral Heart, an online multiplayer site.
Watches anime and a multitude of things on YouTube.
recently got Little Big Planet 2 and a PlayStation 3 she has been playing on.
Our son has watched Documentaries on Pompeii and Russia's Toughest Prisons, using educational aps on the kindle and reading a book called Origins and one in the Rot and Ruin series by Jonathon Maybury.  He also has been cooking Chili for the family on several occasions! Delicious!
They both still alternate days for doing dishes.
As a family we watched another season of Vampire Diaries, we are watching Supernatural and just started a new series we enjoy called Revolution. We still usually go grocery shopping as a family, do math drills for fun on occasion, and played the new version of the Life Board Game.
We also are watching Almost Human and Sleepy Hollow together ( although our daughter does not watch Sleepy Hollow)
Holidays are on us now so there will be holiday baking, visits from loved ones, large meals, reading together while cuddling under blankets, decorating, cleaning and organizing throughout December!
I know this is just a quick update and certainly is not everything that has been going on since the last post, just a tiny glimpse.
I will try harder at keeping up with regular blog posts!
Happy Holidays from my family to yours!

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