Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tis the Season

Hope everyone is kicking December off in the joyous spirit of togetherness and holidays that it is intended for. I do not really see it as a "day" but a frame of mind I have mostly tried  to stay in all year round, pretty successfully for the most part too I may add! We tend to do things a little differently in our home and do not always wait to open gifts and actually this year did that portion yesterday with the kids.

I have been posting daily holiday music up on my facebook page, and today we go food shopping where I decided to look at my pinterest candy board and pick 2 things a week I want to make with the kids. This week will be Mud balls and Peppermint Fudge!

I have been letting the negativity of others roll off me like oil on water, after all if they are negative and grumpy that is really on them and not my problem. Looking back at where I was last December, I have nothing but joy in my heart..... not only am I alive but I am doing well and I have an amazing family to celebrate that with so I make sure I start each day with a smile on my lips before I even get out of bed each morning.

I refuse to get grumpy due  to winter, I am determined to enjoy winter this season and focus on all the wonderful things that go along with that. I refuse to let stress enter into any part of my days, worrying will not do anyone any good so I choose to relax into the frame of mind where I know all our needs will be met. Life is good.

It may be frugal, it may be mundane , it may seem like the same things going on each and every day to where it seems for a bit I have run out of things to talk about here on my blog. But it is my LIFE and life with my loved ones is really Amazing and to be cherished.

Looks like winter is trying to move in today as I type this up, where  the  wind is blowing strong and the colder temps coming to town........... rather than get grumpy I plan on going food shopping , coming home to a wonderful hot meal, snuggling under blankets, watching movies and drinking hot chocolate with my kids.  

I have been busy posting tons of ideas on Pinterest to help us have a wonderful 2014 and yet at the same time have been enjoying being present in the moment knowing that how we feel about things is really a choice. How we take action or react is a choice, how we choose to see the world, is a choice. While I may not be able to see too far into the future , I can see myself very much part of 2014 at that, is so exciting, I can not even begin to describe!

Of course I do need to get better about writing more here on my blog again! I need to make posting on a regular basis part of my 2014 goals! 

Wishing everyone a Loving, Generous, Joyous Season! May your light shine so bright the rest of us need to put on our shades!