Thursday, November 14, 2013

Neuropathy, Tamoxifen and Other Changes

Wow it has been a long time since I updated anything here huh? Well I guess I better update then!

After 8 months of chemo, I developed Neuropathy back in the end of August, which means my finger tips and toes all went numb....everyone of them. For awhile this made me quite klutzy like falling down porches, tripping, stubbing toes on everything and even cutting my fingers doing food prep in the kitchen! When my doctor was informed, she took me off chemo pretty quickly as Neuropathy can continue to get worse such as paralyzing you permanently, loss of bladder control and all sorts of pleasant things. This is when the chemo goes beyond killing cells and starts attacking sensory nerves. I have read that if severe and prolonged damage has not occurred, it can take up to 5 months after chemo has stopped for feeling to return.

So in September I was put on the hormonal therapy which was a pill called Tamoxifen that I simply take once a day at home and got a full 2 months off from having to go to the hospital at all! YEA! This is to block estrogen so it does not promote tumor growth and hopefully if working correctly will continue to shrink my tumors. For awhile the longer I was off of chemo the better I felt physically and energy speaking.

About 2 weeks ago though this started changing to where I am tired much of the time, frequent headaches and fighting nausea off and on throughout my days. Nothing really horrible mind you, just enough to where I am feeling a little under the weather all the time. Not sure if it is the meds or I am actually just trying to fight off a small bug at the present moment.

When I woke up this morning, I actually spotted a tiny bit, not a lot at all, just a very tiny spot I noticed when I wiped myself from peeing, not even any on my underwear. This may also explain why I have been feeling crappy the last week or two. After 10 months of not having any menstrual cycles, my body seems to be trying to have one! That would make any body feel totally icky!

Since July though as a whole, things have been pretty good, I am cooking again and taking care of my family again which is a great feeling. These months since July have been full of blessings and I wake up each day with gratitude on my heart for this life extension I have been granted. Life itself amazes me simply by the act of me waking up in the morning and that is an awesome place to be.

Unto everything, there is a let each moment take your breath away and love to your fullest potential.

Oh yeah and my hair is starting to grow back! This photo is me and my Papa!

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