Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year I'm Still Here Baby!

Sorry it has been awhile since the last Cancer Progress Update but well, you know holiday and cold and flu season was here. I hope your holiday season was as blessed and joyous as my families was and that you have an amazing epic year in 2014!

I was not so sure this time a year ago I would even see 2014 come around and I can not tell you how just blown away from the love and support and cheering me on from online friends as well as off line family and friends. 2013 was an intense ride that nobody was too sure of the outcome.

Chemo knocked me literally on my ass, my liver was shot, my teeth ripped out of my mouth after rampant dental infections, the garden went to weeds and hubby was afraid of our rooster so dusting for mites did  not get done resulting in a small flock of naked chickens!

I did NOT get to do much of changing my lifestyle as I wanted because it literally was a 10 round knock out fight it seemed to simply survive. I did not have house keepers to clean my house, although I think my family will be learning the art of true cleaning this year! I did not have someone there to cook me nutritious broths, teas or use the juicer for me. Heck I did not even have some one in the house that could cook ( that is in the process of changing as well! LOL) unless it involved hot pockets and microwaves!

I also could not get off the chair for most of the year and was left in a very weak state, where I think our house mice are more productive and could carry more weight than I!

So my goals for 2014 is to finish what I started here. To eat healthy, develop a good exercise plan to build muscle back up, to keep a low stress life, to eat foods that may help fight cancer, and to rock the heck out of 2014!

Today I feel GREAT, those pictures are pretty recent ones and I am starting the year weighing in at
143 1/2 pounds!

January will bring my first CT Scan since chemo stopped and Tamoxifen pills have started followed by a visit to my doctor so will have more to report on all that in a few weeks.

In the mean time I will try to keep up with posts here and talk about my health plans, juicing, and other complimentary things I will be doing!

Thank you for all your wonderful caring support and lets rock out 2014 together! I promise and epic adventure!

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