Thursday, March 20, 2014

Our New Budget for 2014

2014 Budget!

Rent                      $475
Phone                    $  75
Electric                  $ 50
Car insurance       $106
Propane                $  75
X-box live           $  20
Netflix                 $    9
Gas for Truck      $110
Food                    $450

 Total of             $1350 a month

Above is our basic needs that goes out and comes out of hubby's wages.  We do get some child support each month as well that is NOT included in this budget and goes for some extra things that are not on a survival budget. I do not include child support in a budget simply because it is not always dependable.  Also we generally make some extra cash from turning in scrap metal, larger work checks than budgeted, and other extra income streams that help go towards making life a little more "juicy" and easier to breathe.  Last years budget worked quite well of for us for the most part, the one thing that we did not for see was propane costs that skyrocketed through the roof but it all has ended well. This year there are a few increases in bills such as higher electric costs due to our last years purchase of a washer and dryer along with a small chest freezer so I did plan on that! So still on a survival only budget but as I said, I always know there will be extra income from a variety of sources and this is what adds flavor to our lifestyle.

I am also going to be working hard to strive for a more minimalist lifestyle this year and plan on selling off a lot of extra items to help de-clutter and de-own!  We now have a 2 year goal of Moving to Hawaii that a lot of this extra money will be going towards! So exciting times to look forward too!

On a side note, as harsh as winter was, and our chickens sheltered but not in a great chicken coop, it was quite a wonderful surprise they survived this winter, we did not loose even 1 to the cold severe elements!  Spring has brought out many creatures looking for an easy meal and targeting them as they themselves are desperate to find food and fatten up again ( our deer look scrawny and pathetic!)  but so far we have managed to chase them off and keep them from a kill. Our chickens continue on and we are seeing eggs again with longer days and warmer weather!

On another side note, my hip went out about a month ago and has kept me from being able to sit at a computer and blog, but it is much better now and cancer wise I am doing FANTASTIC! Now time to catch up on blogging once again AND spring cleaning!  

Oh and we can SEE GROUND AGAIN!  So happy to see snow finally leaving and a few wonderful sunny 40 degree days! Happy happy happy Dance!

How has your March been going?