Sunday, April 27, 2014

Changes on the Rise!

Yes I know, it has been way too long since my last post and I know you missed me!  Cancer wise I am doing outrageously well but my hip went out at least 2 months ago and made sitting at my computer very difficult! I recently had 2 MRI's done which is revealing bad discs most likely from an auto accident I was in 16 years ago but doctors just kept shrugging me off so I am getting some long over due answers. It is no fun having your nerves all  inflamed and shooting agony down your leg no matter what position you try to be in, and walking or doing house cleaning is almost all be zilch! So now we know I have a bad disc or two or three........... I have to go see a neuro-surgeon, and they even found a local one! YEA FOR LOCAL! I should get a call for an appointment sometime this week. Until I see him, I have no idea what this means for me down the road.

I also got a recent X-ray done to make sure cancer has not returned to my lung as I had a nasty dry cough going for a few weeks now. Those came back fine so my doctor thinks it could be allergies......... funny I never had allergies much prior to cancer and chemo but I had had my share of reactions to things ever since! No clue what is causing it, heard the mold counts are horridly high right now and being behind in housework sure has the dust levels at an all time who knows! Coughing with a hip out though oh yeah, not so good!

Spring is trying to come, still bouncing all over from pleasant weather to down right cold , even had a bizarre late spring blanket of snow one morning around Easter to wake up to!  April brought my adult daughter down for a 3 week visit though, my mom, sister and aunt came to visit, and my youngest son had his 16th birthday!

In between all this going on, the Burger King my hubby works at decided to go to an open 24 hour joint so he switched to a Mid night shift!  We are hoping this will be a great fit and change for us, no more going to bed at 10pm only to  be up by 4:20AM, home by 1pm but then sleeping until 5pm!
It will allow for more consistent sleep for him and since May officially brings us to having 2 teens in the house again there are no little's making too much noise. Homeschooling allows them to be able to listen to their own bodies and set their own sleep schedules. Our son goes to bed around midnight and up by no later than 9am but is quiet as a church mouse. Our active daughter loves to burn the midnight oil and stay up most the night and sleep until 3 or 4pm and with her being our noisy active one, this creates a quiet space for hubby to sleep! This also opens hubby up to being available to run me to any or all appointments without requesting days off and losing seriously needed income. It also may mean no cutting hours as not too many are working the midnight shift so cant be sent home when business is slow.

With Chemo brain finally leaving and a sharper mind once again returning I am thinking in terms of income opportunities from home again and have some ideas on what I want to do with that.

The largest change that will be happening is the decision we made to move in just under 2 years.... while it may sound quite strange, we will be cliff jumping and moving to Hawaii, the most unlikely place anyone would expect of us. But there you have it, and it is very exciting to me and there is so much to do! We will be selling everything and only taking 1 carry on a piece but after an exciting trip across the states to catch a plane or cargo boat ( still working out details) in California. I have had enough of Michigan winters!

But considering everything, I have been busy laughing, loving, and filling my days with joy with people I love and is AMAZING! At this time I am a 15 month survivor and each day is truly blessed.

Until my next post.......blessing and joy to you all and may you rock out an amazing life!

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