Saturday, May 10, 2014

Computer Issues, Making Blogging Difficult at Best!

Not sure if it is a virus issue ( which of course I do have a virus, I removed a good portion but not all. Since my computer tech savvy is minimum at best, it will have to wait until my son is around in a few weeks to try to correct!)  or if it is a glitch in my Google Chrome, but it has made it to where if I use Chrome, blogger just freezes and won't work at all. If I use Explorer, well I can type a post, but can't include photos.........of course neither way allows me to post photos and this is very frustrating to me!

Sometimes I really wish I knew more about computers so I could correct these issues and know what the problem is. I plan on waiting for my son because last time we had an issue with my son's laptop we took it to the local computer repair shop. In our small town that was the largest mistake of our life and I swore off our local repair shop forever.....add another forever to that and it MIGHT cover how I feel.

You see when we took our son's computer in, told them what was going on, we were told his computer would be next in line and be about a week to repair and would  run about $30. No problem, great! They would call us to verify and get permission when they knew for sure the exact problem and how much it would be. Great, no problem!

1 week later after NO phone call, we stopped in and was told by a freakin kid that looked maybe 16 that he most likely would have to restore it to the factory setting and if we would like any of the files backed up, he would have to do that first. I said fine to the factory setting, but that it was my son's computer and he did NOT have to back up anything, there simply was not anything on there to back up. He would call when done.

2 weeks later, hubby stopped in after no phone calls again, was told the VERY same thing and hubby said fine.

2 weeks later we stopped and I went NUTS after he tried to tell me the SAME farting thing! I told him we changed our minds and to give me the dang computer, he said he could have it done in an hour but it would cost $100 which again I flipped. He said he had already backed up the files, I told him that when I first talked to him I told him we did NOT need that service and again just give me the computer for you have had it over a month for a 5 minute job of resetting to factory settings because you are too young to know how to actually fix it!

Well they had it fixed in 5 minutes and for $30 ....................  but I was VERY hot under the collar and thought this was the most unprofessional place I had EVER done business with. The problem is they are the ONLY repair shop for computers in our area....grrrrrrrr!

So anyways, I plan on posting on a more regular basis again but please bare with me, there simply will not be photos for awhile until I can figure out what the issue is or use a different computer!.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend

and the moral of this story?  If you are paying for a service, make sure you are getting what you pay for and do NOT be afraid to stand your ground and demand professionalism and good service! It is YOUR money, you get to decide on what you are willing to pay for and what you are not!