Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Stepping through the Door of Amazing and Good Things Coming Our Way!

I can not tell you how happy I am AUGUST is over and we are onto a new month that started on the first day of a new week! Fresh slate, new beginnings, shaking off August and opening our arms, hearts and souls up to all the amazing wonders and good things the universe showers down upon us!

August was a big vortex, stored up negativity it seemed that the universe stored up the whole 18 months it felt sorry for me and gave me a break. Then peeked down and saw me feeling better and getting strong again and decided to open the chute and let it all fall down on my shoulders all at once! Of course that is at least how it felt! Crazy, crazy , crazy pile up of.......... doggie doo! I could not be happier to see August finally come to an end.

We by no means are out of the woods, BUT I am shaking it off and marching forward putting that happy back in my step! I don't get bitter when things go wrong, I may get worried, stressed out and fearful but I don't get angry and bitter. To me that leads to all sorts of negative feelings of guilt, resentment, jealousy, hate, blaming others.......and nothing good comes of it. Rather I allow myself to be overwhelmed for a little bit, and feel the fear or stress but I know these are short lived because then I can shake it off and say fine........these feelings are because I am too emotionally involved and I am focusing on the problems way too close. Shake it off, get back to my happy place and start focusing on solutions and action plans.

This is my way of being pro-active always keeping control of the fact I always have choices and refuse to play the victim role that tends to get played when you allow yourself to get bitter and resentful. No matter what, there will always be choices and our life and everything it contains either material or emotion is choice. Now THAT is empowering!

I have received a few donations to which I am eternally grateful for (you all know who you are, so much love your way!) and am still working on de-owning and selling things off to come up with what we are short on and need within the next 2 weeks. This has been slow going as I am not recovering from my liver section biopsy surgery as well as I should be....... how awful that was is for a post over at my wholistic living blog! YIKES is all I am gonna say here!

As of yesterday Minimum wage got it's first hike to $8.15 an hour so that is all good, nothing like a 60 cent raise to boost your pay a little!  It is suppose to go to 9.25 an hour but Michigan comes in at the bottom being the slowest pay climb EVAH out of all the other states doing it in incremental increases.  2018 is how long we have to wait for it to reach that 9.25 an hour! Way to go Michigan! Luckily we have plans to be LONG gone by then, leaving Michigan behind forever! Woot Woot!

We have a homeschool camp out coming up in a few days hosted in our yard for several families and dear friends that will be here a whole week. They have gone above and beyond to make this happen ( kind of combining it as my staying alive party too!) One is having a birthday during that time too. Lots of fun to be had and my husband will be taking a much needed vacation for the week too ( that was put in for before all the bad dumped on us while it may pinch money wise, between work and my doctor visits, he really, really needs this!)

There is nothing like a great group of friends, having a great time around a bonfire and pitching tents in the country air to turn things back to the positive!

There is a quote ( can not remember by who) that says "You don't attract what you want, you attract what you are!"

Perfect....... I am ready for good things! Lets ROCK THIS!

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