Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Zoladex Shots

Everything came back where the one tumor we named Hilda that was not responding to Tomaxifen was made up of the same stuff as the others. This means it is still part of the original breast cancer but just not responding for some reason. This has led to a new plan of attack where now I will be getting a Zoladex shot once every 28 days and will be switching to some other pill soon as well getting off the Tomaxifen.

The purpose of the Zoladex shot is to overstimulate certain hormones which will lead to them shutting down completely for awhile.  It is a pellet that gets shot into belly fat under the naval line where it releases slowly the first 8 days then more rapidly the remaining time.

Since this is going to work on hormones, hot flashes are a given , general fatigue and grumpiness as well.  More emotional than I normally would be or just the feeling of being down or in a funk for no real reason. But I am aware this is stemming from the medication so not allowing it to run into total chaos and rampant out of control outbursts.

In other ways I am feeling really great, especially since I have recovered from the liver surgery. I am feeling GOOD and I am so full of gratitude for feeling so amazing!

It will be awhile before we know if this new plan of action will work or not. I am not exactly sure how long as I forgot to ask my oncologist but since I had just had my PET scan right before surgery a month ago, I am guessing I may have to wait 3 months before I know anything for sure.

One thing you learn through the cancer journey is PATIENCE!