Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Unblocking The Flow of Money

Money has value, simply because we give it value and it is the value we give it that feeds it's energy levels. Our emotions tied to money which typically are extremely strong emotions, also contribute to it's energy. Those who have it love it, those who do not have it but want it, hate it. Even the many that recognize money is energy, have no clue how to manipulate or tap into it, working with the energy of money.

Imagine for a moment if you will, that you are the Ocean, you are the body of emotions and are heavily influenced by the pull of the tides ruled by the phases of the moon. There are ebbs and flows........just as money itself has it's cycles of increases, and decreases...flowing into ones life, and flowing out. Yet in this whole expansive body, you truly have everything within you really need, the mysteries and answers all lie within. Sometimes they just laid hidden away, buried in the dark and deep recesses, waiting for a little light to illuminate them to be discovered. Sit with this for a minute, soaking up this image and the feelings it brings up. A source of unlimited potential, that can be gentle and serene, or intense and stormy claiming all within its path. For no fury is such as that of storm at sea!

Now with you the Ocean, now imagine the mouth of a mighty river that pours into you. The mouth of this mighty river and the river in its whole entirety, is the flow of money. It is MONEY. Think for a minute how the mouth is flowing into you...is it dried up or blocked by a fallen log? Is it blocked but still managing a little trickle into you? Is it flowing open and steady or even rapidly and fiercely? It it is trickling or not flowing at all, stop for a moment to ask why...too much debt? To expensive of a house? Jealousy of feeling lack? Anger at your situation whether you see as your faulty choices or blaming others for where you are at?  At the mouth of the river is where the largest obstacle will be, the obvious, most looming and damaging blockage.

Once you identify this blockage, create an action plan to unblock it and make sure to follow through. The harder part will be to now start following that river upstream to see where it will take you to. A river is not a straight path, it winds, bends and branches off into smaller riverbeds, that while maybe more minor still contribute to the flow of the main river flowing into the Ocean. Many things stop the flow of rivers, from fallen trees, to man made damns, to change in climate drying up the beds. It is a map leading to source though and one that must be explored to find all the blockages.

I use this visualization as the best representation of how we are and our relationship to money as well as how the flow of money works in a form of energy. It is a circular cycle, as well as seasonal and many things big and small can affect the current of how it flows into our lives. When you are following this river, pay attention to how it branches off,  how the currents change, what is blocking the path, which ones you follow if you veer off from the main river. Do you back track at all to get back to the original path? Why?

While this is all done in symbols, the things that truly block the flow and stop money energy would be things like:

  • Beliefs from how we were raised and things told to us from childhood
  • Constantly drumming to the tune of "We are broke...we can not afford that...."
  • Mortgage payments or Rent exceeding 25% of income ( too much house)
  • Generational Poverty
  • Lack of Knowledge and Failing to Continue Learning new ideas and skills
  • Credit Cards and High Amounts of Debt creating more going out than coming in
  • Our Feelings associated with money
  • Neighbor Envy
  • Not being willing to change or do anything different
  • Not being able to say No scattering your energy away from important goals
  • Time Wasting.....low productivity levels due to Time Wasters.
  • Not taking advantage of Opportunities or lack of seeing opportunities when presented
  • Listening too much to outside noise, trying to follow advice of those who don't walk in your shoes.
  • Self Sabotaging to keep one in their comfort zone ( every time you save a certain amount such as a $1,000 you ensure things come up to spend it down again as a repeat offense)
  • FEAR- fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown....keeps us trapped into one place
  • Anger and passing blame to others for our circumstances
  • Not willing to do the work to remove the obstacles in our way or to improve our lot in life
  • Not being able to adapt with changing situations
  • Not being able to identify what we feel we are missing in our life
  • Feeling unworthy of an abundant life, and good things
  • Being too giving at the expense of severely hurting ourselves
  • Money Leaks....not being conscious of where or why we spend on little things that do not enhance our life in any shape or form beyond the 30 seconds of purchase.
  • Bad Habits, often learned growing up and hard to break or replace with good habits
  • High Consumption.... being wasteful in many areas

This is by no means a complete list of what blocks the money flow in our lives but is enough to get you thinking as you follow your money river. Pay attention to how that money flows, what stops it and what you can do to unblock it and get it moving again. Much like the veins in a heart attach patient where one tiny blood clot can stop the flow of blood and the need to thin blood with aspirin is much like the energy of money. Same as the Ocean and River , and the seasons that influence it. This is why multi-streaming, pulling money from a variety of sources is so important. That way if one season starts to slow a stream of money down, another one picks it up during that season. Ebb and Flow, Hot and Cold, Yin and Yang.... the energy of money.

You are deserving of the abundance of the Universe and having the life of your dreams.

Open your arms and accept the gifts that the Universe has been waiting to shower down upon you!

Let the money flow freely, without effort and feel its energy, its power.... it is nothing to fear it is simply a tool. How it is used is up to you to use in order to go after your Epic life you imagine having.

You CAN have it!

I am DreamWeaving The Life of My Dreams! Are YOU? What are you waiting for?