Monday, December 19, 2011

Determining Personal Assets: The Value of YOU

No I am not talking about material assets here that equate to your Net Worth! When I speak about your personal assets, I am not talking about the cars you own, nor the houses or how much you have in savings accounts or investments.

What I am talking about is is figuring out what YOU are worth as this may be important when figuring out ways to increase income streams.

Everyone has a unique persona filled with skills and special expertise based on your own personal life experiences, past job history, education, hobbies and past times that have developed over time into making YOU the most important asset you have, yet many do not ever stop to take into consideration. Before the start of a new year, and even before you set goals for the new year, it may help to write out a page that shows your Personal Asset Value. For everyone this will look very different from another!

Mine would look like this:

Past Employment
Certified Nurse Aide
Chore Worker for home bound elderly
General Laborer on Construction Crew
Humane Society Employed Worker
Cashier as Gas Attendant
Molly Maids ( housekeeping)
Stall Hand at Arabian Horse farm

Self Employment
Scrap Metal Work
Candle Manufacturer
Professional Tarot Reader ( Surprised?)
Day Care Provider
Free Lance Writer
Hobby Breeder  for Local Pet Store
Authored 1 book (so far)

Accumulative Experience in Hobbies or Daily Activities

Organic Gardening
Frugality ( Oh yeah baby, it is a skill!)
Dog Training ( done it since I was 10 and still doing it!)

Animal Behaviorist ( I have a very keen gift of understanding the language of animals NO I CANT hear them talk! LOL just understand their language and signs on how they communicate or why the act certain ways!)

Cooking ( again since I was about 10 Lets see Chef Ramsey make a Delicious meal on 2 to 4 bucks!)



Investing ( very amateur right now but improving my skills and knowledge every month!)

Birdwatching and Identification

Wilderness Survival

Physical Therapy and Disabled Children ( have 2 that have had to have daily extensive physical therapy!)

Homeschooling ( going on 9 years now!)

small scale farming

Well there ya go, a birds eye view of what would be considered my personal assets. I am sure if I really really really stopped to think about it, I could add to this list even more but it non the less is a good list!

Now looking at this, I can determine the things off this list that I have really enjoyed doing ( most of them to be honest) and how I could use these skills to generate money! It may surprise you that for the most part I have dedicated my life for 25 years as a stay at home mom. So taking that into consideration the list is pretty impressive as over the years I have fit things in that have built up my list of skills.

The more skills you acquire, the easier it will be to do something with it. You can also look at your list to see maybe what should be added and make a commitment over the year of 2012 to develop a new skill or two that will really add to your own personal net worth. Investing in yourself is one of the most beneficial things you can do. The more skills you have, the more marketable it is to turn to cash...........

What does your Personal Assets look like?