Monday, December 19, 2011

What We Have Been Eating

A week ago, our sweet neighbor had too much food coming that she could eat so she gave us a bag of free food as her way of thanking us over the year of bringing her baked goods, plates of nice dinners and always keeping a look out for her if she needs help getting things out of her car, heavy lifting and things like that. ( She is 77 so we keep a watchful eye on her!)

She gave us 10 lbs of potatos, stuffing, can of corn, box of hamburger helper, box of Rice a Roni, green tea, bread, milk and a jar of peanut butter.

I also cooked up another Turkey leaving one more Turkey for Christmas dinner ( 4 turkeys from thanksgiving to christmas, my family is NOT complaining!)

I realize I am behind in getting some of the recipes up and I will work on that! I just don't want to be posting 10 new items a day of recipes! LOL.

So this is what we have been eating!


Fried eggs and toast,
Bananas and Cream
 left over biscuits
, peanut butter and toast,
corn meal mush
oatmeal muffins


Peanut Butter and Jelly
Cold Turkey Sandwiches
Ramen Dishes
Corn bread


Homemade Pizza ( cost $4 to make 3 pizzas! 1 hotdog, 1 hotdog and turkey and 1 turkey and broccoli!)

Hot gravy and Turkey over biscuits

Left over night ( mixed left over refried beans, left over spaghetti sauce and added can of beans and pepper jack cheese into cooked rice.......not bad at all actually!)

Turkey, Rice and Gravy, Green Beans, Biscuits

Hot Dog Stir Fry

Flavored Rice with Broccoli and Brats

Brats/hotdogs  and fried potatos served with green beans and corn

Sirloin Beef Soup served over Rice



Homemade Gingersnaps

NEW Recipes coming soon!!!!!!