Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Don't Look for Work CREATE Work

Money is something we exchange for our life energy and when we are "employed" we are the dude at the bottom that in the end will be the one working harder for less. This means we will be working more hours, along with more years while at the end of the race, have the less money in our hands. The people we work for are the ones who knew how to use the leverage of OPT = Other Peoples Time. They pay all the bills and operating costs, pay themselves then pay their workers.

You will never truly be paid for what you are worth when you are slaving away making somebody else wealthy. At the same time many employees seem to think they are entitled to raises for doing the exact same work they have always done. While indeed a raise may be in order for someone who went above and beyond his employee role and took on more and more responsibilities, yet for someone who has always done the very same thing, why should they think they would be entitled for more pay? Now especially however with a bad economy, more and more people are working more and more, for less and less making it harder to cover even the most basics of needs.

Many can not get past the line of thinking in terms of earning money, the only way this can be done would be by being gainfully employed somewhere which was the mind set of the industrial age. The industrial age has died and we have moved on to the Super-Highway of information. It is the Information Age where things are at any one's finger tips moving along at sonic speeds.

It is easier than ever to create a variety of streams of income doing things you love to do. When you love doing something it is fun and is no work at all. When you begin to understand Leverage and Cashflow, it becomes apparent that it may be easier to reach your financial goals by Creating your own work. There are many things you can do to create work on very little seed money.

Leverage is learning how to get more and more with less and less or how to serve more and more with less and less.  There are many ways to  use leverage such as the leverage of money (getting money working harder for us than we are for it) leverage of time ( use other peoples time to free up more of your time) Creating work not just for yourself, but something that would create work for others as well....... Leverage is a powerful thing when used to the best advantages and is a big piece of the puzzle when trying to move towards financial Independence.

One of the largest problems with working as an employee is that is is not using leverage to your advantage. You are only one person and as one person there is only so much you can do. As one person you can only work so many hours a day earning only a certain limit of income. This makes your time and earnings very limited.  Here Network marketing companies knew what they were doing when building their models of a business, they knew the importance of leverage and using other peoples time to compound their earnings.

I am sure if you took the time to think of all the jobs you have ever held, all the things you do in your spare time for fun, any hobbies you may have or the skills even you have picked up as a stay at home mom, there would be many things there you could use to create work, rather than look for work.

Think about it, what are a few things you would do to create work? Share with us in the comments below!