Monday, December 5, 2011

Finding Balance

December usually marks a downtime in our household as things get busy with holidays and I tend to want to curl up under a blanket and hibernate as snow moves in with long dreary days and cold. This is a month I use for reviewing things, planning and trying to "balance" everything out.

I may be a Stay at Home mom but that does not mean I am not busy, you will find many stay at home, homeschooling/unschooling moms with very full plates. While my plate is not full with girl scouts, riding lessons, sports, music lessons or dance classes even, still I manage to keep a busy household along with not so good health issues that crop up on a regular basis! Keeping balance is not always easy.

I try to stay available to my kids as needed or wanted.

I have huge financial goals I have set for 2012 that will have me horrid busy ( in a good way I suppose)

Every aspect of household financial management is my department and I mean every aspect!

Cleaning, cooking, leading children in engaging activities, laundry, pet care.......mine although shared with the kiddos at times!

staying available for hubby, running errands, shopping, instructing hubby on errands

Writing, blogging,  researching, reading..........

Planning family fun and activities, movie rentals, dining out, whatev!

And And And.............Well just sayin............sure you get the gist!

Anyhoo while I plan for 2012 I must keep the word BALANCE in mind as it is such an easy thing to tip, too much of any one thing is never a good thing! Schedules do  me no good however finding flowing routines is much more to my suiting. In my planning and reflecting this month, I think I will try to come up with a flowing routine and time commitments, the time I am willing to give to any pursuit in the making....

How to you keep the balance as a homeschooling parent? What works and what hasn't for you? Do you have balance?