Friday, December 9, 2011

Zero Budget Holiday

December is not a great month financially for us, so I am for sure not going to make it worse buy giving in to consumerism this month. For the last 2 years our children both recieved $30 in gifts that provided them usually with 2 or 3 things a piece that were on their list. This year, there just is nothing in the budget that could provide even a dollar in gifts. Being our children are 10 and 13, have been very understanding about all this.

As some of you that have been following know, we were facing no heat and shut offs on utilities this month after hubby was only getting 20 hours a week on minimum wage for quite awhile now. This past week he actually worked a 40 hour week and it looks like he may be able to continue at 40 hours a week at least for awhile! I did manage to squeeze out the $400 we needed to catch up on our propane budget plan and get heat YEAH! I also was able to make payment arrangements to continue our electric without getting shut off, still working on the phone although at this time I have not yet recieved a shut off notice, although that is most likely coming soon if I don't pay something on it soon.

Top that all off with rent, car payment, car insurance and food, well it is not like 1300 goes far! So that means $0 for christmas which to tell you the truth is fine with me because I hate how commercial it has become. Even all the commercials are knocking Santa and all about high expense items that I find absolutely ridiculous!

On the other hand it means being in spirit regardless of not having any money for gift giving. They say when this happens to make use out of what you already have at home..........well that does not really help when you don't have anything at home!  I have some ideas for everyone but my 13 year old son, that creates a problem for me!

I plan on making homemade gingersnaps, sugar cookies and salt water taffy candy. I also plan on reading stories that are about memories of Christmas through the Great Depression that I have here at home in an Olden Days book I purchased from the 10 cent rack at the library. I can teach my children a christmas song to perform for Daddy and I can make coupon booklets for each member.

Homeschooling where the kids are home ALL the TIME will make it hard to make homemade items unknown to the kids but am sure I may find little bits of time I can accomplish this. I could make a few clothes for my daughters webkinz, salt dough beads for jewlery for my daughter and oh I don't know she is an easy one.

However I am still stumped with my teenage boy..........if you had no money what would you make for a 13 year old boy?   ( nothing that requires yarn I don't have any yarn or knitting or crochet needles!)

What would you make for a 13 year old boy?