Saturday, December 3, 2011


Hope, that illuminating light that keeps a flame burning inside to guide us through our darkest hours, when the rain clouds form above us, pouring rain relentlessly down upon us. Hope will see us through.

Hope, that radiance we see at the end of a tunnel, sometimes seeming impossible to reach as the darkness engulfs us, yet we know it is there, as we strive to move from the darkness and into the  light. Hope will see us through.

Without Hope, all seems to be lost to us, nothing seems to have meaning, nothing brings a smile to our face, nothing seems laughable, nothing seems to be worth anything at all. Do not lose sight on Hope even as the odds stack up against us, even with every step we take forward, something comes along to shove us 10 steps backwards. Hope is always there to uplift us, to guide us. Hope will see us through.

Hope can give us almost supernatural strength at times hardship grips us and shakes us to our core. Hope can inspire us to great ideas and allow us to see the opportunities around us. Hope can uplift us and instill a belief inside us even when everyone around us tell us it can not be done, keep on dreaming. Hope is what motivates us into action so that dreams quit simply being dreams and can manifest into our reality when we tune out those who tell us it can not be done. Hope lets us know YES IT CAN BE DONE. Hope will see us through.

Hope is forever a burning flame, keeping that smile on our face and climbing above paralysing fear for fear immobilizes us into inaction where change is not possible. Hope makes everything possible. Hope cradles us and lets us know to keep trying to push the odds back into our favor. With Hope, there are no limits to what can be accomplished. Hope guides us, Hope shall see us through. Hope is everything in the midst of chaos and tough times. Do not lose sight of hope, hope shall see us through.