Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Staying Positive When Poor

Awhile back I wrote a post about Staying Positive and thought I would do another post about Staying Positive When Poor. ( To be frank, it is because that is what came up in the keyword search for this blog so I thought I could go a bit more in detail on the subject!)

So how do you stay positive when you are poor?

1.) Focus on what you have, not what you lack- Modern Poverty is a  whole new game with 70 percent are living with video games, air conditioning, computers, DVD players and 700 square foot of living space PER PERSON. Compare that to undeveloped countries that live on less than a dollar a day and I think that alone has us counting our blessings here in America!  Our basic needs are food, shelter and clothes on our back and if we are meeting those needs than that is where our focus of blessings should be counted.

2.) Get Busy! Clean and organize house, draw, read books you can learn something from, start a hobby, start a business, create plans of action, go for daily walks or runs, exercise, you get the point! GET BUSY-GET ACTIVE

3.) Focus on Solutions, not problems- It is easy to get bogged down when we focus on the problems at hand , turn this around by focusing on solutions and coming up with plans of actions that will improve your circumstances

4.) Strengthen Relationships- Work on building strong, close relationships for their is strength in numbers, do not let your situation deteriorate your relationships, this is your team and a team needs to work together!

5.) Watch Comedies or put Feel good music on- The more you laugh or feel good the better so watch tons of comedies and laugh til you hurt or put on that feel good music, a smile on your face and a dance in your step!

6.) Try to always see the humorous side of situations- While this is not always easy, a person can usually find something to joke about almost any situation, learning to laugh at your circumstances can go a long ways in staying positive.

7.) Does not matter where you ARE- It only matters where you are going so have a plan of where you are going!

8.) Be Adaptable- Be ready to adapt to any situation, knowing life does not give you anything you yourself are not capable of handling. Adaptability goes a long ways in surviving circumstances. When we resist change, that is where struggle comes into play.

9.) Marvel at the Beauty of each Day- Take a moment each day to step outside or look around at your surroundings and marvel at the beauty of it. Each day is a miracle. Accept it for what it is.

10.) Obstacle or Opportunity?- Many times opportunities come in the disguise of obstacles, try to see the opportunities that surround us each and every day!