Friday, January 6, 2012

365 Habitat for Learning Project

Starting Saturday January 7th we will be kicking off our 365 day Habitat for Learning Project!

The idea behind this project is to turn the home and yard into an environment of fun-filled learning or to offer an activity that would provide a new experience each day for 365 days.  So if you would like to join me just leave a comment so we can link up! Write a post on your blog about it and link back to us!

This will be your own challenge so you get to make your own rules!

My rules will be

1.) Each day I must provide something new

2.) I must provide before and after photos when applicable

3.) Planning space on graph paper and other methods of planning qualify as a day

4.) I must keep the 5 senses in mind when developing our Habitat for learning

5.) I will  have revolving learning centers on display that will change

6.) I will start by cleaning and organizing in order to go through things so I can start by using what I already have available and introduce those items in a new engaging and interesting way.

7.) I will blog about what we are doing for this project and keep everyone up to date on it

8.) I will have a stand alone page listing everyone elses blogs to link to them if they decide to join

9.) I will keep not only my house, but our yard /outdoor space in mind as well so the habitat for learning expands into an outdoor area as well.

10.) I will start a fund specifically for this project that I will add to on a regular basis to keep it growing, fresh and new.

Okay thats it!

Remember you can make your own rules if you join in but be sure to let us know so we can all link up and follow each other!

1 comment:

  1. I am linking up, and I will go with your rules to begin with and if we find they don't work for our family we will tweek them then. :)
    I will post a post and let's begin.