Friday, January 6, 2012

No/ Low Spend Challenge Day 6 Re-cap

Well....................... Lets see other than another $10 for gas we have not been spending anything! Well I did pay Rent and sent in an electric payment of course and we went to town Wednesday in order to do that. We had to get money off our debit cards and throw it into our bank account to cover the checks sent out for Rent and Electric. (This is NOT an errand I can send hubby along on, he always screws it up majorly somehow! Not his fault, I guess you can only get electrocuted so many times before it does something to the brain cells LOL)

Anyways we have not purchased any more food right now, or bought anything we can do without.

I took my yellow bellied pup for a 3 or 4 mile walk yesterday as sunshine and exercise is always a joy and free to do. She is a sweet pup but scared of everything and I thought I was gonna hang her just trying to get her by a yapping little Chihuahua dog. Ours is a border collie and sweet as can be but not one brave bone to her name! Anyways once I got her past the dog, traffic, and chirping birds she actually enjoyed the dirt country road!(I was totally out of breath fighting her past all this as she tried to choke herself to run home to safety!)

So all in all there you have it, no money spent, even got a free dinner as my sister and mom came to visit today and my mom says she gets a great deal is she buys and I cook! This does not help my NO FRIDGE goal though as they added more stuff that has to be kept in the fridge! Our weather has been really mild too so not cold enough for outside storage!

So how is everyone else doing?


  1. Sounds great! I would say I'm doing decent.

  2. Go you!! Good luck on your no/low spend month

  3. I went on a nice 4 mile walk today while the kids rode their bikes. It was really nice.