Tuesday, January 31, 2012

End of January Report

End of January Report

23 No Spend Days!

Extra Income made independently from the 9-5 world  =  $150

These extra income sources came from

Google AdSense  , Article page views, Royalties, Pop can returns,Donation and Scrap Metal ( check out income report page!)

I have automatic investments in place and invested $100 for January $88 on actual investments where $12 goes to sharebuilder fees for a total of $100.

We are totally caught up on all our utilities now  with the exception of not enough on our budget plan account for fuel delivery but we will have the money this Friday , call to pay and get a fuel delivery as we stand at 22% in tank right  now.  After that everything will be back to normal monthly payments again! YEAH YEAH YEAH

Taxes done and electronically filed!

Still need to start doing a lot more work on my Simply Homeschooled blog but did better in January than I have in awhile. Much more to do there though!

Overall I am quite happy with how January played out even if I did not quite do everything on my action list I wanted to.

Not only did I catch everything up as far as bills, but I was able to STILL invest money, save a little and we even ate out once and got pizza twice for the month. ( we do not usually eat out or pizza 3 times in a month)
Also we were able to earn $150 just from here and there multi streams

All in all I would say January was a GREAT way to kick off a brand new year!

How did your January Go?