Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February Challenges Goals

I am joining in with Carla who is hosting a double challenge for February--a No/Low Spend challenge along with a Decluttering Challenge!

My answers are in blue

Here’s how the Low (no) Spend Challenge will work:
1. Choose a financial goal for the month!

I plan on increasing my autmatic investments to $200 for February, up a $100 from January.  I also would like to set $200 aside into savings for February. Also continue building up my food pantry.

2. How will you achieve your goal this month?

These will be funded by the additional monthly income that will be coming from our tax refund that will be divided up into 12 months extra income.

I also plan on trying to double independant earnings from $150 in January to $300 for February.

3. How will you allot your spending this month?

I am not sure yet how I will allot it as it will be a higher spending month than usual due to tax refund time. While I am dividing it up into 12 months, there is also an amount that is a top surplus we will be spending. We promised each child some to spend ( as we could not spend anything on christmas) and me and hubby will have a Date night ( first one in a whole year!) our cat will get spayed and we will get a washer, dryer, and two couches at the local thrift store. I have a set amount in mind though and will not go over it, once it is gone, it is gone and then we only have the set amount a month to work with.

4. Track your purchases!
5. Are there any “exemptions” for the month?

The cat getting spayed a MUST

Here’s how the Decluttering challenge will work:
1. There will be 4 main challenges for the month. I pick the theme, you pick the challenge!
  • Week One: Personal Space Challenge  Whats that? LOL have none!
  • Week Two: Family Space Challenge 
  • Week Three: Productivity Challenge
  • Week Four: The “Dreaded” Challenge Now I am scared!
2. Bonus Challenges!
- I will be giving you 4 *bonus* mini challenges throughout the month! Fast & easy to accomplish! YEAH
3. Purging!!
- Toss, sell, or donate 29 items! One item for every day of the month in February… Easy as pie! ;)