Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Path to Financial Freedom

Finances are an extremely personal choice in the way we choose to handle them, depending on the lifestyle we are seeking. Not everyone makes wise financial management decisions, but everybody does use different techniques or formulas when handling their personal money.

Some use frugality and reducing spending, some use increasing income and some use a combo of the two.

My plans for 2012 will include using a combination of

Green Living/ Low or No impact style of living.

Prepping  ( there is something to be said about being prepared for when disaster strikes....disaster can come in many forms, including job loss!)

Self-Reliance - build it, grow it, find a new way, fix it , the more you can do yourself the less you need from consumerism)

Developing new skills

Increasing Income through developing passive income streams, business, investing and such

Spending Less than Earned


Preventative/Holistic Healthy living- eating right, exercising, taking care of self physically, mentally and spiritually

I feel if I use this combination of different flavors and lifestyles that it will allow us to live a sound financial managed life, giving us the tools to lead the life we want in accordance to our values. It will help us while living on little , build a better future, with a solid foundation that would be hard to shake further down the road. If we would of had this system in place earlier in our life, we would not have had our bridge collapse totally on us and things would of been a whole lot easier.

Lessons learned, the hard way perhaps but learned none the less.

By incorporating these techniques now though, I know we are coming ever closer to where we want to be and free from worries.