Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Update

Hi everyone, hope your March has been as beautiful as ours! This winter has been a fabulous mild and fairly warm winter and March has not disappointed us either! Today is suppose to be in the 70's!

While many seem to be winding down towards the end of the year, we seem to be revving up!

I myself have been extremely busy over at my other blog Poor to Rich a Day at a Time.

I have started another blog although I need to work on it tons more at Homeschooling Housewives as it is brand new. I would love to find a few other homeschoolers of a variety of homeschool methods, who would like to be added as authors there as well but it is still in the beginning stages and I just have not gotten that far!

I have another  project in the works as well with a team of others but not ready to announce that one yet but I am excited about it!

I have ordered early birthday presents and still have a couple more to get but will be ready for both kids birthdays soon as I have one in April and one in May!  For our son I got a game he really wants and a chemistry set. I still have to order a Zombie board game he really wants.

For our daughter, I got her a violin and a bunch of oil and acrylic paint things including the canvases and a table top portable easel!

A few days ago we discovered a new small art gallery that opened in town and our daughter will be signing up for Saturday workshops that run through April! She is so very very excited about that!

Our son has been voraciously reading a zombie book right now, he really loves zombies! He also received this cool gift from his cousin that is a CD and Workbook for learning Japanese language!

Math has been in large, all about our expenses, budgeting, figuring tips by percentages, over spending, monthly typical averages and oh things like that! Tax refund is a great time to explore family finances and make comparisons to spending habits openly discussing them with children!

Corin is not too happy with the Apolgia Zoology books but I am hoping she gets more into them as we try a little more, she hates textbooks and while I LOVE this curriculum and how it is set up, she just may not be ready for it yet, too many big words and she can not remember when read to her like that, as soon as you are done reading, she has forgotten everything. We shall see, I may just have to tweak it to make it more engaging for her.

Of course with warm weather here, we have been going for walks, at home and around town, getting ice cream while out and will soon hit the nature river walk trails! YEAH

Corin has been having me help her read a Beatrix Potter book and oh boy is she taking off full flight into having a fancy for barbie dolls! Goodbye Webkinz, hello barbie!

We have been watching a few movies as well like Dolphin Tales and we have one more disc to watch and we will finally finish all the LOST episodes!

Well I am sure I am missing tons but this is a small glimpse into what we have been up to anyways!

How is your March going?