Friday, April 6, 2012

Date Day That Pays You Money!

It was a beautiful day today and hubby came home with a muffler to throw in our scrap metal pile. He told me he had found it in town by the rail road tracks and next thing I knew with purse in tow and a couple of 5 gallon buckets thrown into Bronco Bob, we headed back off to town!

We found a place to park and walked the brush line about 100 feet down the ttracks and found other steel plates and metal objects that actually had good weight on them. Now it is illegal to take any part of rail road tracks such as pins and such to a scrap recycling center so we made sure all the metal objects were from other things such as cars and what have you's.

We find these kind of date days to be the most fun of all!

We get to be outside treasure hunting and laughing together and being the kind of woman I am, I am not afraid to work hard, get absolutely filthy, nor lift heavy items.

We spend no money, we actually make money and these are usually last minute spontaneous days we get to spend time together without the kiddos.

It also helps clean up the earth and it's trash litter!

Now granted, copper is the best, steel prices are quite low but when you find a bunch of steel that are objects between 30 and 60 pounds it adds up quick and can give ya a nice little cash in!

After we walked the first 100 feet, we went back to the truck and moved it down so we could walk another 100 feet.

The 100 feet was about all we could do as the metal objects were being too heavy to carry much of.

All in all we collected about 200 pounds of metal in about a 30 minute time frame that we brought home and with the other metal we already had will head to the recycle center another day this month. We are thinking of going back tomorrow to head in the other direction we did not hit today.

Another bonus was going down a side street we have not been before we saw a little garage sale sign.
When we checked it out, the prices were so dirt cheap we knew it was the perfect spot to pick up several items for our YARD SALE business we will be holding this summer!

The things we purchased are so low, even if we raise the prices they will still be prices at a steal where we can earn a small profit and somebody else still gets a great buy!

Today was fun!