Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In This Moment We Have Enough

We lack for nothing, 3 meals a day, clothes on our back, roof over our heads, we are not found wanton. Our home is filled with comfortable furniture, desktop computer, laptop computer, high speed Internet, books, pots and pans, TV and DVD players along with video game systems and games. We have one vehicle, our monthly bills are paid every month.

Looking around our needs are filled, in this moment we really do not need anything, sure there are a few things I would like to get like a horse shoe set and badminton set, and a washer and dryer would be nice but even those wants at this time is pretty much limited to those few things.

In this moment, we have enough, we have no need for high consumerism and by defining our enough factor it will allow us to continue spending less than we earn and keep our expenses low. The one thing that will be added mid May will be our daughters violin lessons and the start of June will bring a few frugal camping trips to us but all in all we keep our expenses down, dirty and cheap!

Our refund this year certainly helped to fill in those few things we needed like our thrift store couches, car repairs and vet bills to get our dog and cat spayed, along with taking care of our kids birthdays as well.  But since we do not make purchases for status, at this moment in time we really do have enough for a comfortable lifestyle.

Being happy and comfortable with what we already have helps keep spending in check with our ultimate goal of getting hubby out of his 9 to 5 job in just a few short years now. ( our goal at the moment is October of 2015)

We are very blessed and love to fill our days with things we enjoy ( like just spending 2 days fishing and flying kites!) Joy does not need to be expensive, it simply needs to be enjoyable and bring laughter to your daily life. There are many things that can bring value or joy and either be free altogether or can be had at a very minimal of costs.

By seeing that in this moment We/You have enough allows us to find joy in the moment and not spend of frivolous expenses but rather put away savings or build wealth towards the larger longer term goals. For each that may be a different goal, for us, it is being able to spend our days together, hubby not having to leave for a job he does not enjoy.

Seeing we have enough now does not mean we do not have dreams or bucket lists or desires , I mean we are after all human! It is about deciding what is really important to us though and not just spending all our money on "stuff" that has no real meaning for us. It is about making frugal choices now in order to get where we want to go according to how we want to live our life and our values.

We have a good life, I have no complaints and in this moment as I look around a smile comes to my lips for in this moment I find joy in knowing we have "enough." At this moment, there is no need to spend on "more" and would make no sense whatsoever to do so.