Saturday, May 5, 2012

Growing Our Own Part 2

  Our 3 Silkies 2 black, 1 splash and looks like 2 roos and 1 hen...........

The big guy is the Silkie named Tim, the small black one is Jody

The beautiful Splash Silkie is Champion

3 Isa Brown Pullets and 3 Aracauna Pullets

Lucy, Wilma, Gloria ( the Isa Browns) and Chubby Cheekers (dark aracauna) 2 are still nameless!

                                               Hubby worked on garden today to double our space now up to 28 feet long by 8 feet wide!

So in our adventure to grow some things our own to cut food expenses , We were not done with the 3 Silkies and 14 x 8 garden!   We went to our local farm and tractor store where in the spring they have baby chicks for sale. I knew the the silkies if we only have one hen it would not produce enough eggs for our family of 5! I also wanted pullets as we are pretty sure we already have 2 roosters so I was only looking for females to help provide eggs. Meat is not important to us as we do not have the heart to butcher when it comes time.  Isa Browns are sex-linked cross hybrid between Rhode Island Reds and Rhode Island Whites specifically bred for high egg low food conversion and they also produce all year round without need for artificial lights. The main reason we got the Isa  Browns! Running small farms in the past our forever favorite are the Aracaunas with their wild instincts, strong character and colored blue and green egg laying!  that should give us 7 hens, more than enough to keep us in the eggs and perhaps sell some from time to time!

Hubby also doubled my garden today which is still smaller than I want but a great first year garden start!  I can at least work with that size! If I implement the container and vertical gardening techniques I should be able to make a small space pack a large punch!

Of course the idea is the more you can do and produce yourself , the less you have to spend outside for. Even many that live in town now can have a few hens and small garden , even a little bit can go a long ways in reducing expenses!