Sunday, May 20, 2012

Moving Towards Whole Foods

When one has been raised their whole life on sugary and heavily processed foods, it can be really difficult to change over to a healthier way of eating! This holds true even more so when one is on a limited budget! It seems like a very slow process when you baby step your way into this new way of eating, especially when you really really love ALL food whether it is good for you or not!

We ourselves were doing pretty good incorporating healthy whole foods into the family menu plan, however one month of experimenting with coupons for May totally obliterated healthy eating it seems in almost ALL it's forms. While it purchased a few healthy options most was horrid food, if you can call it food, yet food we love to eat ha ha! Pizza, pop tarts, entemans coffee cakes, pop.......things I never really buy but for the sake of having coupons did!

My body knows this though, it never feels good after a stint of eating right then followed by a period of eating crap! We call ourselves foodies because we love food in all it's forms and this makes the striving for a healthier diet, oh so very very difficult! Not only does my body feel bad after eating foods bad for you..........but I spent more money than I usually do in buying that food!

I will not give up though, I really want to eat healthy, eat whole foods and raw foods, feel good inside and out. Nobody I suppose is perfect and until one has totally transitioned into a complete whole foods diet.. they should perhaps expect slip ups from time to time. Maybe I will go work on a health plan and see how that pans out!