Saturday, June 9, 2012

Poor to Rich

Stress can be a drain on your mental energy, physical health and keep you locked into negative thoughts and thinking as well. When we constantly worry about having "enough" it tends to really distort our reality and can really blur illusion with reality. This all comes from our own personal perception and how we view the life we lead. When we learn to let go, when we learn to shift our conscious thoughts, when we learn to come to terms with our "actual needs" versus wants and luxury, we can leave behind the feelings of deprivation and change our views over to an abundant universe. While this shift is not always easy, one actually I use to struggle with long ago and now is my hubby's battle he must face, it is possible and the world becomes a better and easier one to live with.

Hubby is  at a place of contradictions right now that he battles, on one side of seeing how joyful we are and how really this world provides truly anything we could ever want or need. On the other side, he faces the feelings of jealousy and envy with those who live in big houses and drive fast sports cars and have all the shiny's and gadgets in between. On one side in a few years he wants to give up everything to travel the United States on Horseback, followed by giving up money and "living off the land" so to speak, giving up the doll drum of work, home, work, home. On the other side he states he is not living the life he wants, if it was up to him he would have the money to go to the casino once a week.

I pointed out these statements as highly contradicting, polar opposites, an internal battle he is facing. I also pointed out that years ago when we did make that kind of money , enough is never enough for him......give him a tiny line and he starts to real it out as far as it will go. The once a week casino trip becomes two, becomes three and so on. The whole time he becomes less and less happy as there is never enough money to fuel his desires, he wants to travel, he wants a motorcycle, blah blah blah. Then it must be further pointed out that if he did not spend ALL his extra money at the casino......he would then have enough to buy that house he wanted, or go to Hawaii, or, or, or.........He KNOWS all this but still the reality is hard to accept as truth. This comes from being raised as a high consumer and that shiny things purchase your "status." He is aware of this as well and is a cycle he truly wants to break, some habits are really hard to break though are they not?

We really have few basic NEEDS.. shelter, food, clothing, love and some kind of companionship. Well okay AIR and WATER too but you get the idea! Everything else really could be considered a luxury, not a must have or need, rather wants that fulfill desires.

Shelter and clothing only need to be simple too and shelter us from the natural does not have to be spacious, large, imported Italian tiles, or posh by any standards........a lean to could be said is a suitable shelter! This is why small spaces that we rent does not bother me, they are more than suitable! Clothing is the same, it does not have to be expensive or designer has to be functional!

A poor person therefore tends to think  "I am deprived, I am lacking" meaning they feel jealousy over not having large flat high definition televisions, or go out to eat at posh expensive restaurants. They feel as if they never go anywhere or get to do anything fun.

A rich person however tends to think , "All our needs are met and more. We are blessed" Good homemade food in the belly, love in the house, shelter over their heads. Family board games on a Friday night, fishing at the local park on Saturday, root beer floats at home from cheap ice cream on Sunday.

A poor person tends to think," I am tired of juggling bills, life sucks!"

A rich person however thinks " It will all work out, what can I do to get these paid?"

A poor person may think " we never get to do anything or go anywhere ever "

A rich person thinks " Wow it's been awhile I really appreciate eating out today or visiting......(where ever) "

A poor person may think " It is embarrassing being poor, I an too embarrassed to have anyone over"

A rich person may however " We welcome any friend anytime, we always have plenty of floor space and will serve you what we have on hand graciously"

A poor person thinks " we never have enough! I can never buy what I want and we never have enough stuff!"

A rich person however thinks" We always have "enough" We lack for nothing and have no need to continue buying "stuff"

You get the idea I am sure, while I am not making fun of those who truly have need, I am stressing the point that for many, the feelings of being poor is more in their perspective of their situation.

If you have shelter, clothing, food.........the rest is a bonus, a luxury and in that case the poverty is truly only in the way you view it, but is not a reality. This is a line of thought that with a little effort, can be changed.

So I ask you, are you poor or rich? You decide............As for myself and my family we are extremely blessed and lead a rich life full of abundance and wonderful things :)