Saturday, September 8, 2012

5 Top Items That Should Be Organic

When money is tight , and you can not afford to buy everything organic, perhaps you could start with the top 5 which happen to be the worse to NOT buy organic as they are heavily coated with pesticides otherwise!

So when you have to work on a budget and you plan on purchasing these 5 items, try to make sure at least these 5 are organic or locally grown from your farmers market from an organic gardener!

Apples- Apples not only are sprayed heavily but also are given a waxy coating which does not wash off and should always be purchased from the organic section. If you took a can of raid and sprayed it on the apple, would you eat it? That is what you basically are doing when you buy apples from a grocery store that are not organic! You are buying poison that is then sealed with a wax water resistant coating!

Celery- Celery is another one that easily absorbs pesticides and are full of harmful chemicals that should be avoided.......avoid it by purchasing celery from your organic section!

Strawberry's- due to their thin coating and tiny little seeds, they readily absorb the pesticides used by large commercial growers. While the cheap prices can be tempting, it is best to purchase strawberry's organically and pay the higher price for them!

Spinach- While spinach is very healthy for us, it becomes harmful when sprayed with toxic chemicals that are NOT good for us to ingest. Again these should be purchased organically or otherwise avoided.

Grapes- Last one on the top 5 are grapes with their thin skins that readily absorb the pesticides should be purchased organically.

So when money is tight and you have to live on a small budget, you may not be able to go all organic. However if you concentrate on just these 5 items, by either avoiding them all together, growing your own organically, buying local from an organic gardener or purchasing them in your store from the organic section you are taking the first steps to a healthier, more conscious lifestyle!

Taking 5,

Carrie of Whole-istic Living!