Saturday, September 29, 2012

Changes Coming Soon!

You may notice a few changes occurring on this site, as things are disappearing! It is time for a face lift and new directions as we approach the end of a year.

I have been putting in a lot of thought about what has all happened for 2011, my original goals, getting off track and where things may have been going wrong and what I wanted to do to "fix" things.

I won't lie, I was highly disappointed in many areas and nothing seemed to head in the right direction for accomplishing my overly-optimistic goals.

So I have spent a lot of time reflecting, researching and figuring out exactly where we want to go from here and am gearing up for a complete face-lift with a new direction here in the blogosphere world.

It will be a direction that brings and adds value to my families life, without so much focus on increasing income and saving pennies, counting pennies and always being frugally minded. I believe if I focus on a healthier and more Eco-friendly lifestyle, perhaps those things will come in a more natural flow by living the life I want according to my personal principles and what I feel truly adds value to our lives.

Plastic-free living, a minimalist approach, green causes, random acts of kindness, whole foods and raw foods eating, giving up supermarkets   all things under consideration for the direction of our life and this blog :) oh and naturally self-reliance and Cash Only living!

True wealth after all = value and value is free.............

Hope you continue to follow as we set off in some new directions bringing more joy and value into our daily lives!