Sunday, September 30, 2012

End of Month Check In

Well September did not go exactly as I would have liked, I had some health issues and end of garden season that really got things off track! Tomato's were coming in full force then I did something really really weird. I did something to the middle of my back right between the shoulder blades on my spine. In doing so, oddly it caused a severe pain in front on my right side where every time I inhaled, it felt like someone driving nails right through my heart.

It hurt so much to breathe, I really just wanted to crawl in a hole and die, I couldn't sleep due to the pain, I could not do much actively. Even a simple short walk would make it painful as I could not get deep breaths and so would be very short on breath and the excessive inhaling brought me to tears.

In total this took up a whole 2 weeks for September! 

For September though they did do a few things independently .......

Our son started watching Deadliest Warrior on Netflix unlimited streaming that I just got started again last week. Now that they have XBOX Live this is possible and brings many things available they can watch that are educational.

He has also been reading a Library book on Samurai, continuing his Japanese language and has been watching a YouTube series on Sun Tzu called The Art of War.

Our daughter has been watching a lot of Learn to Draw items on YouTube and been drawing a lot on  her own.  She  continues building her reading skills and been watching a huge array of anime. She has also been watching shows on wolves and how they are being inhumanely hunted where wolves are very close to her heart.

Here's hoping to a much more productive October!

How did your September fair?