Monday, October 1, 2012

October-Going Unprocessed!

If you look at a label and you come across something you can not pronounce and is not found in your kitchen, there is a good chance Mother Nature did not make it and a good sign that we should not be eating it.

This is our motto for October, we will not be purchasing any processed foods! In taking care of our health and what goes into our bodies, it could have large potentials for saving money too! So much of what supermarkets carry are processed foods containing chemicals and other harmful things for our bodies.

So for October we will only be doing whole-foods, if we can not make it in our kitchen and do not recognize the hard to pronounce ingredients, we do not buy it.  This also applies to harmful corn syrup products and carmel coloring!

I actually came across a blog dedicated to this asking you to sign the pledge at

This may be hard in some ways as we have been raised very much on processed foods and our bodies have learned to crave junk, but I am sure we can do it for one month and see how it goes!

Would you like to join us and go unprocessed for October? Let us know in the comments!