Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Color Me a Rainbow

Color me a Rainbow where laughter fills the air,
Where wings uplift me in prayer,
and music eases my pain for a restful night.

Color me a Rainbow that heals through touch,
where cancer does not become the crutch,
where lights fills the darkness, no matter how bleak.

Color me a Rainbow, where your voices fill my ear,
whispering encouragement, that chases away fear.
Courage, to face the factor of x........unknown.

Color me a Rainbow, made with love and care,
enough for all cancer patients, then some to spare.
For all affected by it as well, the affects run wide and deep.

Color me a Rainbow that leads to amazing things.
That shows the caring side of Human Beings.
That eases the struggle, if even for a brief moment.

Color me a Rainbow, of embracing all before me,

and all one can still become, what one can be.
For cancer is not an ending, but a beginning of new

Opportunities and Blessings.

Color me a Rainbow

Written by Carrie Hetu  20 month Stage IV Cancer Sur-thriver!