Saturday, September 20, 2014

How Weak I Be: Avoidance Is the Game!

Okay then, I can tell you for sure, Martha has truly got nothing on me when it comes to avoidance and procrastination!  I mean come on already look at the date of my last post! It has been half a year and a big fat ZILCH from me here!

Oh I do so love a clean home, but oh how I hate starting those beginning steps of a house that has fallen to ruins which sadly is what tends to happen in many modern homes today. It usually is from busy woman with too much on their plates, or due to health reasons and most can not afford to hire help. If the family is not any help in this department, the many duties just build and build.......................and build until it becomes overwhelming to even think about.

It can happen to the best of woman, you just look up one day and BAM! You look around thinking a bomb may have gone off and left thinking HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

But it does, maybe not in Martha's world, but in a typical modern woman's home it can happen oh so easy. BITE me Martha and your spotless and clever ways!

So where does one begin? That is the issue right there......BEGIN. Taking that first step is a big one and can leave ones head stuck in the sand for what seems like an eternity. The whole time that little voice in your head shouting "Man up Cupcake!"

My Solution to beginning will be getting totally radical and serious about going Minimalist! If I get rid of it, I do NOT have to clean it, after all you can not clean clutter!  I may or may not show before pictures......... not sure I want to expose myself with that much embarrassment right out of the gates.
At the same time, I know I am not alone and have always blogged from a place of total honesty.

So what do you think, should I share with the world what to me would be mortifying? I will also keep tabs on everything leaving the house.

Then I shall create a weekly routine to stay on top of things and strut around like a peacock saying Take that Martha! :)  

Not everyone was cut out to be a good house keeper and entertainer.

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