Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Letter from a Reader

Just thinking about your post today. Have you noticed also when you change your thoughts, the items you need ( plus some extra wants) just appear?
For example. Here are some that just amaze me, and some happened years ago and are small and some happened this past week and are large.
Small that I remember. I had nothing, I was moving home, selling what I couldn’t take, and that my soon to be ex didn’t need. I had 2 children just starting school and was feeling so overwhelmed. A father daughter event was coming up at our church for our eldest daughter. My then husband was not living with us and would not take my daughter to church ( he would no longer been seen there as he was running around with several different women and had been found out by different Church members). My daughter asked her school teacher, and he took her! That probably wouldn’t happen today! He came dressed up and brought her a corsage to wear, she was 9 and never forgot that.
Then another time, I had no money, and my daughter needed some leotards for winter or pants that would keep her legs warm. I went to church that Sunday, it was a new church and we had just been twice. A lady came up to me and said, I don’t want to insult you, but I have some girls clothes that I think would fit your daughter and she is the only one I’ve seen that I think they will fit, would you like them? If not I will take them to the thrift shop tomorrow. I have been cleaning out my girls clothes as I need more room in their drawers. I said thank you I’d love them. so what was in the bags ( she had them in the car already and gave them to me after church) nine count them 9, pair of leotards in my daughter’s size, 4 pair of slacks, a jacket and coat, 2 flannelette nightgowns, and numerous tops and sweaters, and 2 church dresses! We ended up good friends, she had no idea at the time we needed anything.
Now my other half ( we have been together for 28 years) and we are 2 halves of the same couple. He is to the point health wise he can no longer get us wood so we bought a logging truck load last year. Now he can no longer cut and split it let alone go like we used to to cut it in the bush. So we talked it over and added to our mortgage and got a propane furnace put in. It cost us a fair bit, but we looked around, and got it put in, plus hired a gas fitter to dig the line and put in the line from the propane tank to the furnace, we got the tank and 1/3 tank of gas and the delivery and set up of the tank and a years rental of the tank, for just under the price the first estimate came in from the same maker and furnace we had wanted ( an energy efficient one) That price didn’t include a licenced gas fitter that we needed for the home insurance, or the tank , rental, setup and delivery of the tank or propane in the tank. We added the new cost of the loan into our budget, but come fall I wondered how I could save the amount needed to fill the tank. I went into change the insurance policy on the house, and the different main heat lowered our premium. I just received a Check for $609. for a 5 month refund! The lower premium for the house insurance will cover the heat bill for the year! Plus is easier for my hubby, and adds value to the house! There will actually be an extra amount left after I pay both the tank being filled in the fall and the house insurance, that will do one of 2 things, go toward a winter grocery fund ( I try and stalk up so we don’t need to shop if the roads are icy, we live in the mountains and need to travel on mountain roads to go to town) or go to an emergency fund ( for unexpected repairs).
My Mother had a different saying that would cover what you said in a different way about stress and abundance. “let go and let God”. That was her motto in life, it was in his hands and she just needed to do the best she could and he could do the rest. She lived till a month short of 98, and you know he looked after her needs all those years! Even when her mind went I was there, and I was a “ mistake” when she was 41! The Dr. thought she was going through the change early! My brother was 21 years older than me ( lived and worked on the other side of the continent) and my parents didn’t use birth control as they wanted 2 children!
I consider us well off. Not rich money wise, but all our needs and more are covered! We have worked hard to get where we are, and we bought out in the country, a little home in an area that is lower priced. But we are happy, and I love my back window! I sit and look down to the back of the property and see a creek and the mountains, and the view and animals I see change by the hour! What more could I ask for???
Take Care,
Thank you for a thought provoking Sunday Morning inspirational write up.
Pat in Kitchener